The VERTICAL Freedom Cabinet

Sale price$ 279.95

Vertical Cabinet Size: Small (23" x 16")

Vertical Cabinet Size

(Patent pending) The "VERTICAL" Freedom Cabinet is a great space saver for people who don’t have a lot of extra real estate on their walls. The burned, hand-oiled wood is inlaid with polished steel.

This concealment flag is available with a high-density foam insert that can be 
configured by you to store all of your dirty little secrets. American flag is cut from 16 gauge steel (very strong), ground, polished, then covered in 3 layers of glossy clear coat. The steel flag is inlaid in grooves and lies flush with surface of wood for an amazing 3-dimensional look.

Locking & Accessory Options:
Gas Shocks (opens the left door with just a push)
Keyed Locks (+ 2 sets of keys)
Invisible RFID Locking System +2 key fobs
Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Lock (stores 100 different fingerprints)

100% HAND MADE in the USA!
1–4-week manufacturing time. 
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