Concealment Shelves & Vaults

From our budget friendly Guardian Shelf to our high end decorative Sneaky Pete shelves, your valuables will be hidden in plain site. Our many locking options provide instant access....when seconds count!


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Guardian ShelfGuardian Shelf
Guardian Shelf Sale price$ 99.95
Guardian VaultGuardian Vault
Guardian Vault Sale price$ 124.95
Small "Sneaky Pete" Concealment ShelfSmall "Sneaky Pete" Concealment Shelf
Small "Sneaky Pete" Concealment Shelf Sale price$ 189.95
Medium "Sneaky Pete" Concealment ShelfMedium "Sneaky Pete" Concealment Shelf
Medium "Sneaky Pete" Concealment Shelf Sale price$ 289.95
The "BOSS" Concealment ShelfThe "BOSS" Concealment Shelf
The "BOSS" Concealment Shelf Sale price$ 389.95
Guardian SMART VaultGuardian SMART Vault
Guardian SMART Vault Sale price$ 124.95
Victorian Pet VaultVictorian Pet Vault
Victorian Pet Vault Sale price$ 124.95