Guardian Vault

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THE GUARDIAN VAULT is a compact, budget friendly version of the wildly popular decor cabinet collection (America's most popular concealment cabinet, hands down.) With 10's of thousands of happy customers, it's popularity has exploded over the past several years. It's been unbelievable!

  • 10.5" x 13.5" x 3.5" deep
  • Your choice of the 3 U.S. founding documents
  • Professional cabinet grade material and components
  • Designed by professional cabinet builders
  • Innovative push to release latch system
  • High Density Foam (simply trace your valuables & cut)
  • 3.5" depth (fits wine bottles, glasses or any "handheld items")
  • CNC cut components for an unbelievable fit and finish
  • One piece door for incredibly fast access
  • UV (ultra violet) cured ink for a lifetime of display


  • RFID locking system with 2 key fobs
  • Advanced biometric lock (100 fingerprints)
  • Enhanced bluetooth app SMART lock / RFID + 2 key cards
  • LED motion activated lights
  • Printed graphics on high density foam 

Available artwork:
The Declaration of Independence:
states the principles on which our government, and our identity as Americans, are based. Unlike the other founding documents, the Declaration of Independence is not legally binding, but it is powerful. Abraham Lincoln called it “a rebuke and a stumbling-block to tyranny and oppression.” It continues to inspire people around the world to fight for freedom and equality.

The Constitution: acted like a colossal merger, uniting a group of states with different interests, laws, and cultures. Under America’s first national government, the Articles of Confederation, the states acted together only for specific purposes. The Constitution united its citizens as members of a whole, vesting the power of the union in the people. Without it, the American Experiment might have ended as quickly as it had begun.

The Bill of Rights: The Constitution might never have been ratified if the framers hadn't promised to add a Bill of Rights. The first ten amendments to the Constitution gave citizens more confidence in the new government and contain many of today's Americans' most valued freedoms.

100% HAND MADE in the USA!
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