CUSTOM, PERSONALIZED TEXT, LOGO & PICTURE FAQ's: All of our products can be personalized with colored text, logos & pictures. Many can easily be personalized right on the product pages, but for those that cannot, or unique product questions, simply email or hit the CHAT button in the bottom right corner of the screen M-F 8am - 4pm CST.

OUR CAPABILITIES: We have a massive shop with CNC laser engraving, UV printing, CNC Wood Routing & Plasma Cutting, Powder Coating, Hydro Dipping, Custom (automotive quality) Painting....pretty much anything you can dream of....we can do it.

FOAM CUSTOMIZATION: We offer an option for is "FRESH & UNCUT HIGH DENSITY FOAM" waiting for you to trace your items (with a black sharpie) and cut with an exacto knife....easy peesy.

CABINET HANGING INSTRUCTIONS: Cabinets do not need any hanging hardware. Simply screw directly through the back of the cabinet (1/2" or 3/4" plywood) into wall studs or appropriate drywall anchors. We have thousands of these installed in homes and businesses across the US....easy peesy.

FINGERPRINT LOCKS: Our biometric fingerprint locks store 100 different fingerprints and come standard with a battery backup override port in case your batteries go dead. The locks are similar to a smoke detector and will beep at you for months before going dead.

Freedom Cabinet: A lockable concealment flag to hide ALL OF YOUR DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS...wink wink.
Speakeasy Vault: A lockable concealment flag made especially for wine, spirits, hooch and libations with a nifty "FLIP DOWN" bar, cup holders and optional Bluetooth speaker system.
Slider: A lockable concealment flag with a sliding front door.
Strong Box: A lockable concealment flag made with a fully welded & polished steel enclosure for a more classy / industrial look.
Bootlegger: A weightless "zero gravity" fold down, spring loaded bar that is disguised like a vertical flag on the wall (our coolest product by far)
Carbon Fiber: We are the only company on the planet that makes an authentic carbon fiber flag with inlaid steel.

WOOD FLAG MOUNTING: All "FLAT' wood flags come with mounting holes on the back, perfect for mounting with the appropriate screws or nails.

WAVY WOOD FLAG MOUNTING: Each wavy butcher block flag comes with "FRENCH CLEAT" mounting hardware.

STEEL FLAG MOUNTING: All "FLAT" steel flags come with mounting holes, perfect for mounting with the appropriate screws or nails. All "WAVY" steel flags have enough distressed holes to mount safely, no hardware needed.

MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS: All of these flags come with a large mounting flange built into the design of the flag.

MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS: All of our metal art have mounting holes or areas in the design that allow for mounting screws, nails or thumbtacks.

DELIVERY TIMES: The majority of our "off the shelf" products ship rather quickly, but our customized products will have a little longer of a lead time. 80% of our orders (in non Holiday season) usually ship within a couple weeks, although we do have a 1-4 week lead time listed in case we run into supplier issues.