Refrigerated CHILL DADDY

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Another Metal Art of Wisconsin exclusive. The first of it's kind….and we are the only company on the planet that makes anything this "cool."

The CHILL DADDY is a refrigerated, wall mounted beverage chiller that is the ultimate conversation piece. Great for indoor entertainment areas where "a cold one" could come in handy. Man-caves, garages, game rooms, home name it. Pack it with up to 72 cans the night before and you are ready to entertain. That's six 12 packs by the way! It's modular shelving system is customizable to accommodate wine, champagne or liquor bottles as well.

Powerful and exclusive Thermoelectric Technology cools incredibly well in or around household ambient temperatures, maintaining beverages icy cold as low as 38°F (not intended for extremely hot and humid environments)

Optional SMART Connectivity puts you in control: State of the art programmability and smart phone app gives you 100% authority over multiple users and total control of your CHILL DADDY. Impressive features allow you to decide who has access, who is "cut off" and whose turn it is to grab you a cold one. Other features include battery life, signal strength, password protection, connectivity and automatic updating.

Custom Artwork: 100% customizable artwork personalized with any picture or logo.
Sports Themed Artwork: We can accomodate any sports team's color for you. For example, green for the Packers, purple for the Vikings or red for the Chiefs.....whatever you want! Licensed sports team logos, stadium decals or adhesive player pictures can be purchased at


  • 41" x 22" x 8" (outside)
  • 39" x 20 x 6" (inside)
  • Up to 72 can capacity


  • Cabinet grade construction
  • Fully sealed and insulated
  • CNC cut aluminum interior
  • Modular shelving system (fits 10-12 cans on each shelf)
  • 2 LED motion activated lights


  • RFID locking system with 2 key fobs
  • Advanced biometric lock (100 fingerprints)
  • Enhanced bluetooth app SMART lock / RFID + 2 key cards

Please Note: This is a brand new product in our lineup. There is nothing like it on the market. Lead times may be a bit fluid as we streamline our manufacturing supply chains, assembly and packaging processes. Each one is handmade to order.

100% HAND MADE in the USA!
1 year limited parts warranty with unlimited tech support. 
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