Painted BUTCHER BLOCK Maple / inlaid steel stars

Sale price$ 349.95

Flag Size: X Small 18" x 9.5"

Flag Size

Painted BUTCHER BLOCK Maple Wavy Flag with inlaid steel stars

Absolutely gorgeous in person!
3 dimensional design that stands off of the wall 
Meticulously cut from 2" thick edge glued hardwood
(These take days to manufacture)
Extremely vibrant colors and visible grain patterns
Small flags come with a desktop easel for display
Large flags mount flush to your wall with included mounting hardware

- hand sanded
- hand finished
- hand oiled
- hand sealed
- multiple layers of varnish front and back for decades of protection

Custom additions like text or logos can be added by emailing the website

Please Note:
Please understand these are not "off the shelf" products.
Each one is handmade to order so lead times will vary.
100% HANDMADE in Wisconsin, USA!
Well worth the wait.

Shipping X-Large Flags / Special Instructions