Discontinued Steel Strong Box Sliders

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Art Style: Blowing Freedom

Art Style

The RFID Strong Box Slider

These were discontinued a couple of years ago when we changed lock vendors. We had 22 of the steel vaults sitting on the shelves, so our manufacturing engineer adapted our new locks and UV printed doors on them. We are blowing them out at a fraction of the price they were on the website.

Featuring a fully welded & polished steel vault, RFID lock with 2 key cards, high density foam (you customize) and your choice of UV printed door. They measure 23" x 16" and are 3" deep. They are extremely elegant and look exactly like a polished stainless steel vault. Simply chose what door artwork you would like and we will custom build it specifically for you. 

These were over $600 on the website when we were still manufacturing them. When the 22 are gone, we will remove this listing from the website.

1-4 week manufacturing time. 100% HAND MADE in Wisconsin, USA.
Questions? Info@metalartofwisconsin.com
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