Premium Handmade Concealment

The original FREEDOM CABINET! Our exclusive design that started our company over decade ago. A "higher end" concealment solution vs. our "low cost Decor' concealment." Extremely elegant with 10's of thousands sold. Extra tall, double compartment design made to fit taller items like large wine & spirit bottles, long stem glasses or whatever "goodies" you want to conceal. Hand burned & oiled with polished steel inlaid doors....our signature look.


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    FREEDOM CABINET Sale priceFrom $ 294.95
    The "SLIDER"The "SLIDER"
    The "SLIDER" Sale price$ 294.95
    The SpeakeasyThe Speakeasy
    The Speakeasy Sale priceFrom $ 294.95
    The Patriot BarThe Patriot Bar
    The Patriot Bar Sale priceFrom $ 294.95
    Stealth MirrorStealth Mirror
    Stealth Mirror Sale price$ 549.95
    Strong Box VaultStrong Box Vault
    Strong Box Vault Sale priceFrom $ 389.95
    The “QUICK DRAW” Sale priceFrom $ 294.95
    Sold out
    "THE BEAST" Carbon Fiber & Steel Strong Box"THE BEAST" Carbon Fiber & Steel Strong Box
    "THE BEAST" Carbon Fiber & Steel Strong Box Sale priceFrom $ 531.20
    The VERTICAL Freedom CabinetThe VERTICAL Freedom Cabinet
    The VERTICAL Freedom Cabinet Sale priceFrom $ 279.95
    Sold out
    The "BIG SEXY" Carbon Fiber VaultThe "BIG SEXY" Carbon Fiber Vault
    The "BIG SEXY" Carbon Fiber Vault Sale price$ 2,246.21 Regular price$ 2,994.95
    Gift Cards
    Gift Cards Sale priceFrom $ 25.00