Christmas 2022

HANG IN THERE WITH US....and Thank You for all of the crazy support!
As many of you know.....our small town company was chosen by FOX News to make the awards for the 2022 Patriot Awards in Hollywood, Florida this year. Check out the FOX Patriot Awards Video and an additional FOX n Friends Video a few days before the awards show.


This opportunity gave our company unbelievable exposure to 10's of millions of people that generated thousands of orders in an extremely short period of time. Combine that with one of the biggest Black Friday and Cyber Monday's our company has ever, we are buried in orders. It completely blew us out of the water. Thank you all for all of the support, our small business is thriving because of you.

Prior to the Holidays, our products have a 4-week lead time that we have now surpassed from this massive influx of Holiday orders. Don't worry though, we are shipping record numbers of packages out on a daily basis so it won't be long.  

Our Gift Cards are a wonderful way to guarantee an item under the tree. Your loved ones can build and customize their own products on our website, while they are still in their Christmas morning pajamas!    Click Here For Gift Cards 

Last Christmas we offered "Surprise Product Post Cards" under the Christmas tree. They have a description, pictures and a "Merry Christmas" message of the product on order with detailed instructions on how to track the progress and get updates of their product on order. This was extremely successful and a popular option for many of our gift givers who didn't receive their gifts before Christmas morning.  Click here for Surprise Product Gift Cards 

If your gift is a Freedom Cabinet: many of our customers will box up an exacto knife (to cut the foam) along with one of our Surprise Product Post Cards for under the tree. 
If your gift is a Speakeasy Vault: many of our customers will box up an exacto knife (to cut the foam) along with a shot glass, a bottle of wine along with one of our Surprise Product Post Cards for under the tree. 

Please remember......each piece is hand-made right here in Wisconsin and not mass produced on machines, presses or shipped from overseas. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is full of CNC machinery that runs around the clock. We have multiple UPS and Fed Ex trucks leaving almost hourly, and a dedicated team to ensure the fastest delivery possible.  
If you would like a more personalized update, please email or call 920-717-0635

Thank you and Merry Christmas, 
from the Metal Art of Wisconsin team!