Display your patriotism proudly.

Display your patriotism proudly.

Share your values by displaying your patriotism.

From your office, living room or mancave, to your garage, patio or BBQ station, many of our products can be purchased for indoor or outdoor settings. Our indoor flags are manufactured with polished 16 gauge American Steel, while our outdoor collections include 16 gauge aluminum and 16 or 14 gauge Stainless Steel.

Flat, Wavy, 2D or 3D

We are the only flag company that offers Steel, Wood, Carbon Fiber and Hardwood flags in 4 different configurations.

Flat: Standard flat flags that hang flush with the wall.

    Wavy: The Wavy Old Glory and Wavy Freedom Eagle have gently flowing waves.

    2 Dimensional: The majority of our flag collections are in the 2D configuration, meaning they are bent with a CNC Press Brake to stand off of the wall 3/4" to give depth.

    3 Dimensional: Many of our Harwood Butcherblock flags are hand sanded on both sides for a true 3 Dimensional look. Whether displaying on desks, shelves, or tables, our 3D flags are the ultimate conversation piece.

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