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What is a Hero Scroll
What is a Hero Scroll
What is a Hero Scroll

What is a Hero Scroll

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What is a HeroScroll

There are heroes Heroes who walk amongst us never looking for Glory or praise they don't seek recognition for their thoughtful, caring ways. Living lives of deep commitment to providing for those they hold dear. Steadfast with quiet strength through times of laughter and tears. You are a person like that to me and I'd like to thank you for being the hero that you are to me.

10"wide x 14" tall

Cut from 16 gauge, cold rolled, mild steel (very strong)
Etched, ground and polished, then covered in 3 layers of glossy clear coat
(These are very popular pieces, around a 1 to 4 week manufacturing time for shipment, but well worth the wait)

100% HANDMADE in Wisconsin, USA!

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