"THE BULLY" Solid Aluminum Wavy Flag

Sale price$ 1,694.95

Flag Size: Small (24" x 12.5")

Flag Size

Display Options: Wall Mounted (includes hardware)

Display Options

Solid Aluminum Wavy Flag

"THE BULLY" is made from a solid chunk of 6061 aluminum with cross hatch texturing for the stars and stripes. Our exclusive wave pattern is a work of art and extremely elegant and adds depth to any room.

This flag is no joke and is for serious collectors only. Super high end extremely heavy, this flag needs to be mounted somewhere substantial and safe to accommodate it's weight.

Desk Top: Includes fancy easel for display
Wall Mounted: Includes a French cleat mounting system

Approximate 4 week manufacturing time.
100% HAND MADE in Wisconsin, USA!
Questions? Info@metalartofwisconsin.com
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