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Grandpa's Hand Scroll

Grandpa's Hand Scroll

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Grandpa's Hand Scroll

When I was just a little child and you would hold my hand, I didn't have a worry, I didn't understand. As I Grew and learned to stand up on my own, sometimes I was scared and I felt all alone. But then there you were standing by my side, you held my hand again and taught me not to hide. I am older and wiser now, now I understand. The strength that lies within me came from Grandpa's hand.

12" wide x 18" tall

Cut from 16 gauge, cold rolled, mild steel (very strong)
Etched, ground and polished, then covered in 3 layers of glossy clear coat
(These are very popular pieces, around a 1 to 4 week manufacturing time for shipment, but well worth the wait)

Made in Wisconsin, USA