Vehicle Fire Pit Assembly Instructions

Vehicle Fire Pit Assembly Instructions:
This fire pit grill is made cut from 14 gauge cold rolled (raw) steel that has a light film of oil on it to prevent rust. If left unpainted, the steel will eventually discolor to a cool patina and slowly rust....some people like this look. I personally have mine this way and it has purple heat marks with a nice patina and sits in my back yard. Others will want to clean, primer and spray paint each piece with high temp paint before putting outside. 

Once assembled, be cognoscente of the size and temperature of the fire you create. If you have a massive raging fire, your fire pit will looked like a burned out vehicle the next morning. If you keep it under control to a small to medium size fire, you will be able to manage the appearance of your vehicle and keep it looking good.
Install front and rear shackles 

Bend Tabs on opposite side to lock in place 

Install sides to floor pan 

Bend tabs to secure 

Locate front end connection tabs 

Bend each to 90 degrees or so. Please note some minor adjustments will be necessary. 

Do the same on the front grill 

Bend bumper ends to (around 90 degrees) as some adjustment will be needed when fitting together 

Interlock the male and female tabs to connect the two parts...again, some adjusting, wiggling and bending of the tabs once they are interlocked will be required. Be patient....they DO all fit together, we have made tons of them here at the shop. 

Inside view 

After installing windshield, bend hood tabs to around 45 degrees locking the windshield into place 

Bend all 3 hood side so the edges of them line up 

Install fenders 

bend tabs 

Install front axle (note the shape and orientation in the picture) 

Line up holes and use included nuts, bolts and wrench 

Insert tubes and add a washer to each before installing wheel

Add wheel, outside washer, then insert cotter pin, then bend the ends to secure wheels

Final Step: bend your roof and hood side to match the 45 degree angle to fit perfectly. Your finished vehicle chiminea fire pit grill should look like this when complete. Be sure to double check all connections and read included disclaimer and safety instructions here: Fire Pit Safety Disclaimer