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Metal Art of Wisconsin was started accidentally
from a Father and Son project  in a
2 car garage in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
Shane and Justis Henderson started 
making patriotic metal art and started
an Instagram page in 2013.....and BAM!


The most famous Metal Art Company in the world!

Metal Art of Wisconsin is a brand of American made patriotic metal art with an enormous Social Media following. Boasting the largest "metal art" Instagram page on planet earth. With hundreds of thousands of followers between Instagram and Facebook @metal_art_of_wisconsin has gone absolutely viral.

Featured on Fox News' Fox and Friends multiple times, Rolling Stone Magazine, The Fabricator Magazine, Local and National morning news shows and newspapers too many times to count. Our brand is on fire!

Flags for Fortitude:
Our involvement and dedication to our country's heroes is unmatched in our industry. From Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders, to Frontline Medical Workers, Teachers and Volunteers. Our Flags for Fortitude program donates flags to heroes that are nominated on our website  

Custom Metal Art:
Our custom designed art pieces hang on the walls of numerous Studios, Banks, Museums, Churches, Hospitals, Cemeteries and Memorials all around the world, in addition to an endless list of in Celebrities, Athletes, Musicians and Politicians.

​We are a family owned business right here in Wisconsin and we do it all for the love of METAL!