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Every year, our products go absolutely viral as each piece is HAND-MADE and customized right here in Wisconsin
(not mass produced overseas) 

As founder and president of Metal Art of Wisconsin, I would like to personally thank you,
along with our 30 employees, for supporting our small “MADE IN AMERICA” company.
The reality: 
As you may already know, our small business was featured on ABC World News Tonight in early December.
Although this was an amazing opportunity for our business, it was not planned and was 100% unexpected. 

See here:
Our products are 100% hand -made, not mass produced on machines, so this had an impact to our manufacturing times...
not to mention 
operating our manufacturing facilities during a pandemic, quarantines and employees getting Covid has had its challenges.... 
as a result, our manufacturing lead times have about doubled for a hand-made, quality product. 
The good news: 
We are all celebrating here as last week was a record week for our small business, shipping more products in a week than ever before.
Our employees are true craftsmen who take pride in each piece. 
Our gals in the office handle hundreds of phone calls and thousands of emails, around the clock, in the office as well as at their homes
7 days a week, even on Christmas day.... total rock stars in my book. 
As a business owner I could not be prouder of my team and what we have accomplished in 2020. 
The overwhelming majority of our backorders are from the month of December and will be shipping in order,
from oldest to newest
 as fast as we can make them.... hang in there with us as we dig out of this incredible month,
your order is coming
.... we promise. 
Once your order is packaged and your shipping label is printed, you will receive an email with your tracking information. 
Again, thank you from myself, my family and our 30 dedicated employees! 

Shane Henderson 
Metal Art of Wisconsin 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. or 920-717-0635