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Christmas morning: watch them customize it in their pajamas!

Every year, our products go absolutely viral on Black Friday and Christmas time, as each piece is HAND-MADE and customized right here in Wisconsin
(not mass produced overseas) 

Our company and products are extremely patriotic which lands our company in magazines, newspapers and morning news shows
around the country constantly, especially around Christmas time.
As a result, our products are extremely popular....crazy popular!

To ensure a Metal Art of Wisconsin gift is under the tree at Christmas, we have a couple options for you to choose from:

Contact us to see what best selling products we have on the shelf and ready to ship or 920-717-0635

If this isn't possible, especially for orders placed after Black Friday, we highly recommend purchasing a GIFT CARD on our website for your recipients.
This allows them to cruise around our website in their pajamas Christmas morning and customize their gift themselves. 
This guarantees a Metal Art of Wisconsin gift is under the tree Christmas morning!!

Gift certificates are good for one year and can easily be redeemed on a smartphone or tablet. 

CLICK HERE: Gift Cards