Minuteman Patriot Hero Flag

Minuteman Patriot Hero Flag

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Indoor / Outdoor Hero Flags
Minuteman Patriot

Marine grade, brushed 16 Gauge, Powder Coated Aluminum.
Our High Tech, Ultra Violet Cured Ink Process leaves a beautifully vibrant layer of colors and textures that is absolutely stunning. 
Extremely high-end and super classy.

Cut and bent marine grade, brushed 16 gauge, powder coated aluminum
that stands off the wall 

These are 100% hand-made and hand finished
Manufacturing times may fluctuate with demand but well worth the wait

100% HANDMADE in Wisconsin, USA!

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We have a beautiful 8 footer hanging in our restaraunt.

Brandon Bartow

What a cool product from a company with a cool story.

Roxy Sommers

Saw them on Fox News and had to support them.

Allister Dowds